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Feb 23 08 - Hermione Sue
mbav :: ethan
I originally made this for the Ten Page Essay website, back before it was hosted on Livejournal. Then I posted it here, friends only, about a year ago and have now decided to post it again for everyone. I updated this with better, cleaner screen caps (except for the animated ones, sorry) and I updated some of the comments. I hope you find it amusing! Feel free to add it to your memories/bookmarks; I won't be deleting it.

Though I made this many years ago, I still find it to be true: PoA!Hermione = crap. I'm very tempted to make another one, probably for GoF. If enough people are interested, I might try to make it. Nah, forget about it. :P

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Sep 01 05 - oh hai
mbav :: ethan
Private journal, not adding.
Don't worry, you're not missing much, lol.
Thanks for stopping by!

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